We use social media data in conjunction with behavioral and psycho graphic analysis to help inform content, video and product strategy and design.  We believe in building the marketing of products into the product itself. This happens through testing and learning who responds and what they respond to.  These strategies help to improve results for our clients and save them money!


We are a full service video production company.  From the creative development and story boarding process to lighting, filming, sound design, animation and color grading, we take care of the entire process from start to finish!  We believe that the best stories get told when people feel comfortable and safe to be authentic, vulnerable, and real, on camera! Taking extra time to get to really know people’s story, building trust over a cup of coffee or a walk through their barn, helps us broker powerful stories between a film’s subjects and your target audience.


We believe in creating content that works and doesn’t break the bank.  We work with clients to streamline the process and get more out of what they are already doing!  Access our writers, video production, audio production, animation, photographers and graphic designers.


We work  with a lot of small business clients who have small budgets!  The most difficult part of doing your own social is creating a plan and having simple, branded photos and tools to execute your own media.  We offer small business branding sessions, including a brand-specific photo shoot, simple strategy creation and online learning to help you execute the plan.


Online ads and data collection are not only a great way to increase exposure but can also be very informative for product testing and learning about your customer’s behaviors. Let data and your demographic’s behaviors guide your business and save you time and money!